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12-Pack Silicone Baking Cups | Eco-Friendly & Colorful

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Make delicious, award-winning treats repeatedly with these reusable silicone baking cups. Use them with a regular muffin pan or on a flat cookie sheet depending on the batter. Great for making treats for school birthdays! Makes a great Housewarming gift!

Stackable design for convenient storage, these cups are a wise investment. This set of 12 includes two cups in each color: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Never run out of cupcake wrappers again, with these versatile silicone baking cups!

Perfect for making yummy snacks for your kids' school birthdays, or impressing your housewarming party guests with a colorful array of treats. And with a 12-pack, you'll always have plenty to share (or save for yourself - we won't tell!). Plus, their stackable design makes storage a breeze.

These reusable cups are an eco-friendly and colorful addition to your kitchen.

 Why is Silicone Eco-Friendly?

  • Silicone is more environmentally friendly than plastic.
  • Silicone doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals we’ve become aware of 
  • Silicone is generally considered to be safe for food-grade use
  • Silicone products can be recycled
  • Silicone is extremely durable and is perfect for use in the kitchen because it can withstand freezing and piping hot temperatures
  • Thanks to its durability, silicone products can last for many years 

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