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Desk Drawer Dividers Set of 4-4
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Desk Drawer Dividers Set of 4

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KEEP YOUR DRAWERS ORGANIZED: There will be no more cluttered kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet, or even office drawers. This set of 4 small drawer dividers is the best method to organize kitchen equipment or clothes on demand. Made to easily see and locate what you need with just one glance. A great way to stay organized and keep items readily accessible! Although they fit just about any drawer space, it’s crucial you measure your drawers before purchasing. These desk drawer dividers measure 2.5" tall and run from 13.5" to 16.5" in length. Expand them to your liking to accommodate your space comfortably.
Customizable function, expand and adapt the desk drawer dividers to your drawer’s dimensions on the spot;
  • Easy to clean, so there’s no need for extra upkeep;
  • Features a set of 4 makeup drawer dividers;
  • Made multipurpose in nature for a variety of uses at your disposal however you please;
  • Accommodates just about any and every kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and even office drawers;
  • Comprised of organic bamboo, making these dividers both robust and durable;
  • Practical in design for easy installation & stowaway;
  • Environmentally friendly for a sustainable home piece you can rely on;
  • Expedited shipping is free, and returns are accepted for up to 30 days.

Bamboo Adjustable Desk Drawer Dividers

MULTI-USE DRAWER DIVIDERS ORGANIZERS: Customize and make the most of your drawers when you expand them to meet your needs. Let the spring-loaded function help you adjust accordingly and effortlessly as it widens from 13.5" to 16.5” as needed, on its own. These compact makeup drawer dividers are highly recommended as they allow you to personalize your space to the max! Known and loved for their help in arranging larger, heavy-duty silverware and kitchen gadgets. As well as neatly storing bathroom toiletries and amenities within reach. Customers also find they are very convenient in nurseries for organizing onesies or diapers. The variations are endless; we leave it up to you to tap into your drawer's full potential.

EXPANDABLE AND ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Made flexible so you can easily expand and adapt the small drawer dividers to fit any spot in your home or workplace. Comfortably store your office supplies, home crafts, personal jewelry, scarves, and undergarments. Rearrange to your liking, and expand your horizons. Depending on the width of your drawers, feel free to also fix the jewelry drawer dividers horizontally and not just vertically to meet your drawer’s organizational needs.

KEEP YOUR DRAWERS SAFE: Each of our dividers kits comes with 4 expandable pieces. The spring-loaded function and EVA foam padded endings ensure harm-free installation and use over time. Feel at ease knowing your drawer’s interior won't be scrapped with each use. Our padded ends ensure you get the organization you want, but not at the expense of your custom drawers.

ORGANIC WOOD: These small drawer dividers are constructed of entirely 100% raw bamboo material to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable home or office piece you can rely on. Bamboo's naturally resilient and strong composition makes these dividers a long-lasting piece for years of use. Should our set not live up to its product description, we ask you reach out to our customer service agents for a FULL REFUND! We stand behind our work and value your input and feedback!

Warranty:  We make sure our customers love our desk drawer dividers by testing them thoroughly. We promise a one-year guarantee on our adjustable drawer dividers, upgradeable to two years when you register within two weeks. The Hearth Home & Living family is dedicated to bringing nature-friendly products into the home, to make daily tasks easier. If our dividers don't meet the specs listed on our website, just return them in time for a full refund—no questions asked!


  • Item Dimensions L  x W x H:‎‎22 x 17 x 2.5 inches
  • Item Weight:‎1.8 Pounds
  • Material: Bamboo Wood
  • Finish: Varnished
  • Available Colors: Natural, Gray & White

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