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Black Folding Laptop Desk or Laptop Stand with Mousepad

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A universal laptop stand and lap desk that works everywhere you do: sitting at a desk, standing, lounging on the couch, or laying in bed. The aluminum panel naturally cools laptops and adjusts in height and tilt to improve your posture. A spacious mouse pad quickly connects to the right or left and is easily removable.

LAPTOP LAP DESK FOR BED and COUCH: WorkEZ Best slips over your legs holding your laptop hands-free, keeping it cool, and giving you the freedom to stretch out and move around.

LAPTOP STAND FOR DESK + STANDING DESK CONVERTER FOR LAPTOPS: use this adjustable laptop stand for your desk to sit up straight and improve your posture. It raises screens to eye-level, tilts to reduce glare, and has an open-spaced bottom that won’t cluster your workspace. Want to stand up? The WorkEZ Best adjustable laptop stand extends up to 18” tall, making a quick & simple standing desk converter for laptops.


1. Panel: 16.5x11 in.
2. Material: aluminum panel & legs, ABS joints

3. Weight: 3.7 lbs

4. Outside Dims: 19x11x2 in.

5. Width Between Leg Segments: 15.25, 16.5, 17.75 in.

What Separates WorkEZ BEST From The Competition?

Uncaged Ergonomics has built WorkEZ Best since ~2010 using premium materials and industry-leading production methods. Many companies have copied the original design with visually similar, cheaper, poorer quality products

* ALUMINUM PANEL: The solid, aluminum panel is engineered for the proper thickness to ensure a stable computing experience. “cheap” competitors use thinner composite panels that bend and wobble.

* ALUMINUM LEGS + ABS JOINTS: ABS joints with 10+ yrs of proven durability connect WorkEZ Best’s aluminum legs. Some competitors use plastic legs and unrefined joints that are difficult to adjust.

* MOUSE PAD is ergonomically-designed to connect to the panel in proper alignment with your keyboard (as opposed to clamping to the leg)
All measurements are approximate.
Color: Black
Finish: Aluminum
Style: Modern
Size19x11x2 in.
Dimensions: 18(H) x 16.5(W) x 11(D)

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